Maui Helicopter Proposal with Patriots Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks

A couple weeks ago I got a call that someone incredibly successful wanted to hire Engaged on Maui to take his proposal photos.  Do I have any football fans out there?  How about any New England Patriots fans?  If you haven’t heard this guy’s name yet, just wait a couple weeks until this season starts and with stats like his he’ll be a household name. I was excited to help plan and photograph the Maui helicopter proposal with Patriots Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks.  I didn’t get any inside scoop about him, but one thing I know for sure is that Brandin is a super kind guy and his now-fiance Bri is an absolute sweetheart.


Brandin had reached out to Air Maui having gone on one of their awesome doors-off helicopter tours before.  He was ready to propose to his girlfriend, Bri, and knew she would LOVE a Maui helicopter proposal and having their proposal photographed would be extra special for her.  Our destination for this proposal was Kaupo where there are lots of wide open spaces and great views of Haleakala.  He couldn’t wait to share this experience with his love.


When we landed, Bri still didn’t know that the woman sitting with them on the helicopter snapping away was actually there to photograph them.  She thought I was just along for the tour.  After hopping off the helicopter, the happy couple walked around Kaupo a bit and took some selfies.  All the while, I was surreptitiously photographing them, too.  When he was ready, Brandin walked her over to the shore and dropped down to one knee.  When he asked her to marry him Bri was absolutely blown away.


Soon after he popped the question, he pointed me out to Bri.  She had such a great reaction to being surprised with a secret proposal photographer!  From there, we started the engagement session.  We had a lot of wind that day, but that didn’t seem to faze them one bit.  Haleakala was so clear that day, and we got a lot of gorgeous sweetheart shots of the two of them basking in their just-engaged glow.

Brandin Cooks proposing to his girlfriend on Maui's coastline

Brandin and Bri:  Thank you for choosing Engaged on Maui to photograph your Maui helicopter proposal.  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together and a great football season!

Photos by Angie | Air Maui Helicopter Proposal




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