Montage Kapalua Bay Proposal

This Montage Kapalua Bay Proposal happened early morning.  This proposal was more of a spontaneous proposal.  We’d share a signal to show we were there, and then follow him until he chose just the right spot to pop the question.


When Michael contacted me, he knew that he wanted an unscripted proposal.  He needed to be able to call the shots.  So, a spontaneous proposal was just right for him.  They were having brunch at Merriman’s later that morning, so he told Nicole that they were just going to walk to the restaurant.  As soon as the couple left their hotel, we followed them to where he ultimately proposed.


They were a touch late getting to the site, but honestly, that was fine.  We’d always rather have them be a little late than a little early.  We don’t want them to beat the photographer there!  Michael and Nicole strolled along the grass until he found just the right spot.  It was a gorgeous scene with the ocean behind them and the coconut trees surrounding them.  He paused for a moment and then dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him.  She said YES!  They shared some smooches and then he pointed out that he hired Engaged on Maui to photograph the engagement and have a photo shoot immediately following the proposal.  She was blown away!


Morning is such a great time to do a photo shoot. Of course, morning light always offers up vibrant blues and greens, which is gorgeous.  He led her down on the lava rocks in that area, and we got some shots there.  The wind was blowing her dress just right to add a beautiful element to these images.  This couple was so gorgeous together, we could have had them go anywhere and they would’ve looked fantastic!

Michael and Nicole:  Congratulations on your Montage Kapalua Bay Proposal.  It was such a gorgeous morning, and I’m so excited for your future together!

Photos by Marie | Simple Proposal Package


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