Same Sex Picnic Proposal on Maui

Imagine my surprise when I was contacted by Colten, who was ready to propose, and he was unsure if we could pull off his same sex picnic proposal on Maui.  Since he hadn’t seen any Maui gay proposals on our site, he wasn’t sure if we do them.  OF COURSE WE DO!  I’m thrilled to be blogging this proposal so hopefully no one else will be unsure!


Colten wanted a romantic sunset picnic for his proposal.  We set that all up for them and it looked terrific!  Earlier in the week, Colten and I secretly met up, and he gave me a pillow to put on the blanket.  He had special-ordered the pillow.  It said, “It all began with a case of beer and a bottle of Jack.”  We, of course, added a final surprise touch to the blanket to tie it all together:  some beer and a bottle of Jack Daniels.  (Which they didn’t drink on the beach because it’s illegal).  But it did add that extra personal touch.


Colten asked Braydon to take a walk down to the beach so they could watch the sunset that evening.  Once the couple showed up on the South Maui beach, they quickly came upon the romantic beach blanket laid out with photos of them, pillows, roses, champagne, and more.  Braydon was so surprised when saw the picnic set up.  Colten then led Braydon out closer to the water and popped the question!  Braydon said YES!


We had a fun engagement session right there at that South Maui beach.  We got some beautiful sweetheart shots of them during sunset and some fun shots of them running through the waves.  At the end of their session, some friends they were staying with on island came out to celebrate with them.  We had a terrific session.

Proposal picnic in the sand set up with LOVE spelled out, blanket, pillows

Romantic Picnic scene set up for proposal.

couple walking down south Maui beach, "stumbling" upon picnic blanket all set up for a proposal.

The men sitting down on their picnic blanket on the Maui beach, moments before a proposal!

boyfriend leading his love out to the shoreline, about to propose!

Down on one knee, man asking his boyfriend to marry him, South Maui

same sex picnic proposal on Maui, man bending down to kneel in the white sand asking his love to marry him

proposal on Maui, Kahoolawe in the distance, at a beautiful South Maui beach

the hug just after the proposal! He's still in shock!

The surprised reaction when his fiance pointed out the secret proposal photographer he had hired to photograph the proposal and do an engagement shoot after!

Showing off the men's engagement ring just after proposal

the newly engaged couple is sharing a sweet kiss at the waters edge, waves rolling in

the fiance's walking hand in hand down the beach

couple hugging just after engagement, black and white

future husbands sitting on their picnic blanket set up with their favorite things

sweetheart shot of two men just after proposal, both looking off camera, just at the shoreline

lovers in the surf, splashing each other just as the sun goes down

engagement photos, men knee deep in Maui's ocean at sunset

couple holding hands running through the water

Snuggly post-proposal shots sitting on proposal picnic set up

men's diamond engagement ring showcased in a red rose

Pillow that reads "It all began with a case of beer and a bottle of jack"

Newly engaged couple smooching on their romantic beach blanket

engaged couple and their friends all celebrating the engagement together in the sand

fiances cuddling on a picnic blanket just after proposal, picnic blanket set up with champagne flutes, signs, pillows

Colten and Braydon:  Thank you for choosing Engaged on Maui.  We were honored to photograph your same sex picnic proposal on Maui.  Cheers!

Photos by Marie | Storyteller Package | Video by Daniel Fishter



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