Surprise Proposal Turned Wedding on Maui | Nigel + Katie

Surprise Proposal Turned Wedding on Maui

Nigel contacted us and he wanted to pull off the surprise of a lifetime!  His big goal was to have a surprise proposal turned wedding on Maui. As soon as I heard it, I was all in!  When I was talking with Nigel through this whole process, I kept thinking to myself, Katie must be a really special girl if Nigel feels that he can pull off this huge surprise and she is just going to go along with it.  And turns out, Katie is that special girl because she just rolled through the punches through this whole thing.  


Nigel wanted to do a sunset proposal in South Maui which is, of course, right up our alley.  We do a lot of those. Because they collect shells wherever they go, he wanted Katie to find a shell on the beach with a message from him tucked inside.  We were able to get this really beautiful conch shell where we placed a message from Nigel inside.


Katie thought they were at this South Maui beach just for a romantic walk.  But as they walked along the beach, she found the huge conch shell!  She was super excited to find this awesome shell!  She was a bit confused when she found the note inside.  While she was reading the note, Nigel dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him. Of course she said YES!  But that wasn’t the big surprise of the day.


The big surprise of the day was that all of her friends and family had flown in to surprise her at the Five Palms Restaurant after the proposal.  Of course when Katie walked into the Five Palms she was overcome with emotion as anyone would be if all their friends and family showed up halfway around the world to surprise her. But that’s not even the biggest surprise! The biggest-biggest surprise was the fact that Nigel had already set up their entire wedding three days from when they got engaged. They got engaged on a Thursday and they got married on Sunday. Keep scrolling after the proposal pictures…check out the wedding photos, too!

Photos by Associate AmberStoryteller Proposal Package


We worked with Maile Maui Weddings to pull off the wedding.  How everyone pulled this off so flawlessly was masterful!  Katie, now as a bride, walked out to Maluaka beach in a beautiful, one-shoulder, flowing white wedding dress. Nigel was waiting for her in a lovely tropical flower circle in the sand.  Everyone was in tears at some point in the ceremony, even the minister.  The pinks and purples in the sky at sunset helped us end our wedding session with them in true Maui style!  Our associate Amber did an amazing job capturing both the proposal and the wedding. Areca Films filmed the proposal and the wedding.

Nigel and Katie:  Congratulations on your exciting surprise proposal turned wedding on Maui!  Thank you for choosing Engaged on Maui to help you pull this off!


Photos by Engaged on Maui Associate Amber | Coordinator: Maile Maui Weddings | Videographer: Areca Films | Ukulele: Charles Nahale | Minister: Tino Rosete | Flowers: In Bloom Hawaii | Hair and Makeup: Amelia Hair and Makeup

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