Beach proposal at sunrise with palm trees and west Maui mountains in the background

South Maui Sunrise Proposal

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What better way to start your day than pledging a promise of forever with the one you love? Francis and Brianna had a South Maui sunrise proposal with beautiful colors, an empty beach, and even a surprise from his family!


Francis was truly a dream client, easygoing and open to suggestions. He decided on a beach proposal at sunrise. Some of the biggest perks of this timing is that you often have a very quiet beach. If you’re lucky, you also get to experience beautiful colors in the sky.

Our concerns are that it is early. Sunrise colors are fleeting at sunrise, so timing is important. Since it’s early, there’s less of an excuse to be dressed up. For some couples, this timing doesn’t really work. But when it is a good fit – we say got for it!

Francis and Brianna are both early risers. She’s also relaxed and he thought she would love it. Francis was completely right. A sunrise beach proposal was perfect for them!


Francis and Brianna walked out on the beach in South Maui. With the palm trees, Mauna Kahālāwai, and soft morning light in the background, he asked her to marry him. It’s easy to see the joy and love on Brianna’s face as she is saying yes.

Francis did an amazing job of staying down on one knee for a while. This allowed their photographer Tenessa to capture lots of great photos of the proposal.


Francis and Brianna took a few moments soaking in their newly engaged status before acknowledging Tenessa so she could get beautiful candids right after their proposal. Then they had fun walking down the beach, playing in the shoreline, and loving on each other.

Francis’ mom contacted us to surprise them with leis and a bottle of champagne as a congratulations gift from his family. Alcohol isn’t allowed on the beach, so they were able to take the bottle with them to enjoy later, but of course we made sure to get a few pictures of the champagne first. We loved this extra touch because Francis had told us of Brianna’s special connection with his mom saying, “I fell in love with her within weeks of our first date -over vulnerable and connecting phone calls- I knew she was the one when she joined me on a 10 day adventure last summer in which celebrating milestones for us both culminated in planning a brunch for my mom on mother’s day. Seeing the two of them interact solidified my desire to have her be the person that I did life with forever.”

South Maui beach at sunrise

South Maui sunrise proposal at the beach

Maui beach proposal at sunrise

Beach proposal at sunrise with palm trees and west Maui mountains in the background

Reaction to sunrise beach proposal in Maui

Francis gets down on one knee to propose to Brianna at sunrise on the beach

Brianna looks down into Francis' eyes as he proposes

Kiss on the beach after Maui proposal

Francis holds Brianna's waist as she holds her head in her hands before he gets up to put the ring on her

Couple embraces and kisses on the beach after proposal

Brianna can't believe they are engaged!

Brianna's reaction to seeing our Engaged on Maui photographer

Couple walking down south Maui beach after sunrise proposal

Kiss in the shoreline after south Maui sunrise proposal

Francis carries Brianna as she smiles

Brianna showing off her new engagement ring

Francis and Brianna watching the sunrise and ocean after Maui engagement

Couple kisses as she rests her hands on his chest

Francis piggybacks Brianna as she kisses his cheek

Side view closeup of couple, she caresses his cheek with her left hand

Couple puts their noses and foreheads together

Couple sits on the lava rocks and smile at the camera after south Maui sunrise proposal

Francis kisses Brianna's forehead

Engagement ring rests on coral and lava rock in Maui

Francis and Brianna look at the surprise leis around their necks from his family

Brianna and Francis are standing up next to each other, gazing into each other's eyes

Francis and Brianna sit on the sand. She is sitting in front of him, leaning back on his chest.

Engagement kisses on south Maui beach at sunrise

Champagne surprise from Francis' family

Francis and Brianna read the note attached to their champagne

Francis and Brianna read the note attached to their champagne

Close up of the note attached to their gifted champagne

Lei forms a heart shape around thin ring box holding the engagement ring

Engagement session after south Maui sunrise proposal

Smiling and kissing with leis on after south Maui sunrise proposal

Francis lifts Brianna up and she bends her knee

Francis’ review from Yelp: “What an absolutely incredible and unforgettable experience. From the first contact with Tiffany, to the last photo taken by [Tenessa], I felt so overwhelmingly cared for by Engaged on Maui! Not only were they extremely attentive, but they customized my experience after taking ample time to know my fiancé and I. Having the ability to book with them and put the planning out of my own hands gave me a peace of mind that culminated on the proposal day, by allowing me to focus on the moment and not on the fine details behind the scenes. Furthermore, the photos were absolutely wonderful and our photographer [Tenessa] took the time to suggest certain photo ops that we didn’t even know we’d want! Absolutely recommend 10”

Francis and Brianna: You were the sweetest and we’re so overjoyed for you! Thank you for allowing Engaged on Maui to document your South Maui sunrise proposal!

Photographed by Associate Tenessa | Simple Proposal Package

Interested in a sunrise beach proposal like this one?  Get in touch with Engaged on Maui to get the scoop on everything you need to know!

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