Beach Library Proposal | Sashi + Brittney

Beach Library Proposal

Sashi and Brittney met in college and have been together for 10 years. Sashi describes Brittney as “pretty amazing and most definitely my better half.” Brittney is a bookworm, loves the beach, water, and sunsets. For his proposal, Sashi wanted to combine everything Brittney loves. He came up with the idea for this beach library proposal! This was such a unique idea and so true to Brittney’s personality. We were so excited to be part of making this happen!


It’s always interesting to hear our client’s ideas and figure out how we can bring their ideas to life. After talking to Sashi on the phone, we figured out that it would be cool to set up a small bookshelf with assorted books on it. Sashi would create a plan so that he and Brittney would already be spending the special day in the area. Then it would be natural for him to suggest they head to the beach right before sunset.

The cover story was that this eclectic character who had a passion for reading sets up this little shelf of books on the beach for people to enjoy every week. We decided it would be best to actually have a fake librarian there to add authenticity of the story and invite Brittney to take a look if she seemed hesitant. We created some details that our fake librarian could talk about just in case Brittney asked.

Because we were setting up a bigger prop on the beach, it was super important to pick the right location and time. We didn’t want tons of other curious beachgoers to check out the beach library. In order to give the proposal the greatest chance of privacy, we did not want to set up on any beaches nearby the hotels or do the proposal on a weekend. We suggested a spot that would most likely be more secluded and make sense for our cover story. Sashi was very go-with-the-flow and happy to hand over the reins to let us take over the planning. Thinking about these details and setting you up for success is a big part of what we do!


Sashi and Brittney showed up right on time. Just as we hoped, the beach was quiet and the lighting was beautiful! Brittney was pretty psyched to see this cute little beach library set up. Angie, the owner of Engaged on Maui, acted as our fake librarian while our associate photographer Amber waited on the sidelines, capturing everything.

The original plan was for Sashi to send us a special book to place on the shelf, which he would find and present to Brittney right before he proposed. But by the time the book was finished, it would have been cutting it close to guarantee that it would be shipped to us in time. Instead, Sashi kept the book and took it out from his bag.

We love the shot where you can see Sashi holding the book behind his back and the moment that Brittney opens it and has the first hint of what’s coming.

Sashi led Brittney a tad closer to the ocean and then got down on one knee. Angie stepped away to give them more privacy. While we couldn’t hear exactly what was said, it was clear that Brittney was overjoyed!


After some hugs, kisses, and admiring her new engagement ring, Sashi pointed out the photographer and Brittney realized it was all a set up! Brittney was definitely shocked and surprised. Seeing that moment of realization is sometimes almost as good as the proposal itself.

Brittney and Sashi are really natural and comfortable together. They had so much fun just walking, playing, and loving it up on the beach. We had a blast witnessing their newly-engaged joy as the sun went down.

beach library set up for a surprise Maui proposal

couple arriving on the beach before proposal

fake library was set up on the beach for a book lover's proposal

fake beach library on Maui for surprise proposal

Sashi made a special book for Brittney. He's hiding it before the proposal.

Brittney looking at the book Sashi made before the proposal

Brittney reacting to special book Sashi made as a precursor to his proposal

beach proposal on north shore, Maui

Engaged on Maui set up a fake beach library for this proposal.

Sashi puts the engagement ring on Brittney

hug after Maui beach proposal

Newly engaged woman admiring her engagement ring

hug after Maui beach proposal

Brittney realizes that the beach library was set up for her proposal

reaction to Maui proposal

Couple holds the special book made for Maui proposal on the beach

closeup of the special book made for this surprise Maui proposal

newly engaged couple stroll this north shore beach on Maui

overjoyed to be Engaged on Maui

embracing after Maui proposal on north shore Maui beach

close up of engagement ring while holding hands

Sashi kisses Brittney on the cheek during their Maui engagement session

Kiss on Maui beach during engagement session

newly engaged couple playing in the shore break on Maui

gazing into each other's eyes during sunset

beach walk in the sunset with the mountains in the background

silhouette of couple dancing on the beach during Maui sunset

kiss on Maui beach after dusk with palm trees in the background

Sashi and Brittney: We love unique ideas and were thrilled to set up and capture your Maui beach library proposal! Wishing you a lifetime full of book reading and sunsets together!

Photographed by Associate Amber | Simple Proposal Package

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