Emotional South Maui Proposal | Manny + Simmi

Emotional South Maui Proposal

This emotional South Maui proposal is what love is all about.  Manny met Simmi about five years ago, and they started dating a little over a year ago.  A few months into their relationship, Simmi, a resident who had just finished med school, was starting to feel incredibly sick and there were days where her head hurt so badly that she wasn’t able to get out of bed.  Sadly, she was diagnosed with brain cancer, and she’s been battling ever since.

Manny is so in love with her.  Like, the real deal, no question about it, love.  So in love, in fact, that in the midst of Simmi’s aggressive chemotherapy, radiation, and a clinical trial at Stanford,  Manny started to bring up the idea of getting married.  Because of Simmi’s rare form of brain cancer, she doesn’t know what’s in store for the future. So she kept telling him if he proposed, she’d say no.  But, like I said, he loves her, so “no” was not an option for Manny.

He told me, “I decided that I would marry her no matter what, and she smiled, agreed, and said ok.  There is no point living in fear, and I know I want her to be my wife.  After all the terrible things she has gone through, I want to bring hope and happiness to the love of my life.”  Like I said, this is the real deal love.


Manny contacted me and wanted to do a romantic proposal at sunset on a Maui beach.  He had secretly planned for her family to come in and surprise them at the end of the session.  We planned to start at one beach where he would propose, do a sweetheart session at another beach, and surprise her with the family at a third beach.


Because the left side of Simmi’s body is now partially paralyzed, Manny carried Simmi out to the spot on the beach where he was going to propose. When he got to just the right spot on the South Maui beach, Manny dropped to one knee asked her to marry him.  She of course said YES!


We went down the street a little bit to shoot some of their session at a unique beach in South Maui.  We got some great shots of the happy couple.  Simmi just exudes joy and happiness.  The camera doesn’t lie about chemistry, and these two have it!

The best part of this proposal, other than her saying yes and their emotion-filled love story, was that Manny coordinated with her family to meet them at the last location.  As I was driving over to the beach, I touched base with her family to tell them we were on our way.

The family entered from one side of the beach as we entered from the other side.  I had Manny and Simmi turn around to face the far end of the beach away from where her family was coming from.  When the moment was right, I told them to turn around and look at me.  At that point, Simmi saw the WHOLE family coming down the beach.  She was in shock!  She had to grab on to Manny to steady her.  Some people were wearing shirts that said #SimmiStrong that they wore throughout her therapies to support her.  We were able to get some candid photos of the family while the sun set.  It was an emotion-filled, great proposal.

man carrying his sweetheart to the ocean couple at far end of the beach man down on one knee proposing man proposing to his sweetheart at the end of Maui Beach couple standing on beach, shocked after their engagement woman holding on to her new fiance because she's so surprised! woman showing off her new diamond ring with reddish orange fingernails man and woman holding hands showing off new engagement ring, close up of hands couple cuddling on beach, man carrying his new fiance posing for the camera romantic shot of man carrying his fiance down the beach shot of woman and man's hands with solitaire engagement ring and his gold watch. black and white shot of bearded man kissing his love's cheek woman in chic hat being kissed on the cheek by her fiance stunning woman in hat with incredible eyes staring into the camera and she holds on to her man Maui's incredible wall of rock, waves crashing in. Couple holding hands near end of beach incredible Maui sunset dipping into the sea a family walking down the beach to surprise a newly engaged couple a couple standing with arms around each other with backs to the camera on a Maui beach to pull off a surprise woman in shock as she sees something off camera, holding on to her fiance for support woman leaning on her fiance for support as he surprised her with her family woman walking towards family, her fiance holding her up, with a gorgeous smile man rushing toward newly engaged couple to sweep the woman up in a hug of congratulations woman with hand to face in surprise, her loving fiance next to her newly engaged woman hugging a woman who is congratulating thecouple a family hugging everyone on Maui beach woman crying, family in background. Happy tears as their daughter just got engaged woman being wrapped in a hug by her family engaged couple wearing leis standing on beach in Hawaii Amazing sunset portrait of engaged couple on maui beach, soft waves coming in and dark clouds covering them engaged couple surrounded by family raising cups in a cheers on maui beach

Manny and Simmi:  I was truly honored to be a part of your emotional South Maui proposal.  Thank you for sharing your incredible love story with us.  I wish you all the best of luck on your journey to health!

Photos by Angie | Perfect Proposal Package

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