Colorful Private Beach Proposal in South Maui

This colorful private beach proposal in South Maui was just what we needed after this long stretch of dreary days. We’re just so happy to see the bright Maui colors come back after the long winter we had. Our couple, Michael and Kimberly had great chemistry and a great sense of humor.   Tenessa, our associate photographer,  took gorgeous photos of these two, we’re excited to be sharing them with you!


When Michael contacted us, he shared that he really wanted a beach or a cliff proposal.  After showing him a couple options, he chose this lovely South Maui beach for their sunset proposal.  


As Michael led Kimberly to the predetermined pocket of sand by the lava rocks, the waves were crashing on the rocks.  He knelt down as soon as he got to the spot, and Kimberly was shocked! He asked. She said “Yes!” And the waves crashed into the rocks giving them the most glorious, splashy  proposal shots!  


Michael opted for the Perfect Proposal Package, and this beach was a beautiful place to propose and start their engagement shots.  I just love how Kimberly’s long, flowered dress blew in the wind as they walked the shore line. One of our favorite shots of the night is when they were tucked away, snuggling in together next to these huge lava rocks and we got the golden light for these two.  It was magnificent.

Michael and Kimberly: We’re so glad you got here just in time to celebrate the beautiful blue skies for your colorful private beach proposal in South Maui.  Congratulations on your engagement!

Photographed by Associate Tenessa | Perfect Proposal Package

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