Cruisin’ in Paradise Proposal on Maui

This beautiful couple came all the way from New Zealand for their cruisin’ in paradise proposal on Maui.  Antony and Alysia have been together for seven years, and they’ve traveled the world together.  He knew she wasn’t expecting a proposal on this trip since they were on Maui for someone else’s wedding.  Antony really wanted to do a morning sunrise proposal, which we highly recommend. Trust me when I say there is no better way to start the day than you proposing to your love at sunrise!


We had a few little raindrops just before the couple showed up, but luckily the skies cleared and we got these amazing blues on the north shore after that!  Maui is tricky like that!  You think the rain could ruin a photo shoot, but more often than not the rain makes for incredible images.  Either way, the rain, thankfully, passed us right by that morning! We even saw some turtle tracks when they showed up, which is always fun.


For the big moment, Antony led her over to just the right spot.  Ready and waiting, Marie, our photographer, was poised in the bushes to capture the proposal!  When he found the right spot, Antony dropped to one knee, and Alysia was super surprised!  Adorably, he even planned out his shirt which said “Cruisin’ in Paradise”.


For the engagement shoot, Antony chose the Simple Proposal Package.  So, we just stayed on the one beach for about thirty minutes or so. The best part of the morning was that we had the beach completely to ourselves.  Honestly, I think people were scared away by those sprinkles.  Luckily, Antony was willing to take the risk, and it paid off!  To start the engagement session, Marie had the couple snuggle near the water, and she captured some gorgeous sweetheart shots! While we were on the beach, these two were having the best time together laughing throughout their session. At the end of the shoot, we found a beautiful tide pool with rocks perfect for sitting on and got some sweet images there, too!

lovers walking down a Maui beach at sunrise man and woman standing new the ocean, holding hands, a proposal is on its way! man proposing to his girlfriend on a Maui beach sunrise proposal on Maui's north shore man down on one knee proposing on Maui's north shore man down on one knee asking her for her hand in marriage woman bending down to kiss her now fiance as he's down on his knee woman staring at her new fiance with surprise after his proposal couple's first hug after proposal man kissing his love's forehead man tickling his fiance with Maui's bright blue water behind them happy engaged couple walking arm in arm down the beach sweethearts hugging, their feet sinking into the sand and the water rolls in around their feet newly engaged couple hugging and kissing on a white sand Maui beach man scooping his fiance up in a twirl hug in the surf of the Pacific happy coupe running up the beach from the ocean laughing together princess cut diamond engagement ring with gold band sitting atop beach rock couple standing and hugging on red rock cliff Maui engaged couple sharing a snuggle sitting on rocks surrounding a tide pool

Antony and Alysia:  Congratulations on your engagement!  I’m so glad you braved the possibility of rain for your gorgeous cruisin’ in paradise proposal on Maui!  Antony, thank you for choosing Engaged on Maui to capture your proposal.

Photos by Marie | Simple Proposal Package



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