Storyteller Proposal in Kihei by Engaged on Maui

Storyteller Proposal: An Engagement Story told through Photo and Video

David and Jules are from the same town, went to same high school, and have friends of friends in common but were brought together by Tinder. They clicked instantly.

David was actually in Honolulu after their first few dates, and as much as he loved Hawaii, he couldn’t wait to return home to see Jules again. Shortly after returning from Hawaii, David asked Jules to be his girlfriend and “it’s been heaven ever since.”

It only made sense to come back to Hawaii, together this time, so David could ask Jules another very important question.


David came to us saying, “We are both very good at ruining each other’s surprises so if I, with your help, can pull this off it will be amazing.” We couldn’t wait to help him orchestrate his surprise proposal!

Jules had already given David the diamond she wanted. She also made it very clear she didn’t want a ton of people around. Jules knew the question was coming. She just didn’t know when or how.

David wanted both photography and videography, so our Storyteller Package was the way to go.

David knew Jules would love a beach proposal ending at sunset. He chose a nice, long beach, just right for a romantic stroll on their anniversary.


Our photographer Amber and videographer Cyrus got to the beach and found a beautiful spot for the proposal. Knowing Jules wanted more privacy, they walked a little further down the beach to get away from other people. Then they placed a marker to make it easy for David to find the spot.

David followed all of the instructions we gave him. He especially made sure Jules was facing the cameras for the proposal moment so we could capture her reaction. The plan worked perfectly!


With our Storyteller Proposal, our photographer and videographer work together to make sure they are each getting the footage they need during the engagement session. The result is a stunning gallery of images and an engagement film so you can see it all in motion set to music.

Some couples are shy about being lovey dovey in front of the camera. PDA just isn’t their thing – and that’s okay! But David and Jules were so happy. Their gallery is filled with affection and kisses and we’re all about it!

Make sure to scroll down so you don’t miss the engagement film!

Maui beach proposal in Kihei

Man down on one knee proposing on Maui beach

Storyteller Proposal in Kihei by Engaged on Maui

Closeup reaction to Maui beach proposal

David puts engagement ring on Jules' finger after she says yes to Maui beach proposal

Couple kisses on Maui beach after getting engaged

Couple embraces after getting engaged on the beach in Kihei, Hawaii

Man slips engagement ring on his new fiance's finger

Strolling down the beach in Maui after engagement

Twirling on the shoreline after getting engaged on Maui

Dancing together on the beach after Maui proposal

Couple almost touching noses as they beam at each other after just getting engaged on the beach

Couple sits on the beach surrounded by naupaka and palm trees

Man lifts his new fiance up. They are both laughing on the beach.

Couple faces each other and smiles as the ocean flows under their feet on the beach

Couple kisses on the beach as he lifts her up

Man kisses new fiance's hand on Maui beach at sunset

David hugs Jules' neck from behind

Couple kisses at sunset on Maui beach after getting engaged

Jules and David kiss on the beach at sunset

David and Jules: We couldn’t be more thrilled to document your engagement with photos and video! May your years ahead be filled with lasting joy (and possibly more trips to Hawaii)!

Photographed by Associate Amber | Storyteller Package

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