Romantic Beach Picnic Proposal | Cody + Alexus

Romantic Beach Picnic Proposal

These two came to Maui on their Spring Break.  Cody knew that he wanted to do something a little more than just down on one knee on the beach.  So, he chose a romantic beach picnic proposal for his sweetheart.


We arrived early and set up a romantic picnic scene with candles, pillows, framed photos of the couple, and champagne with glasses to celebrate after his proposal!  Ahead of time, Cody sent us a photo book of him and his sweetheart to add to the location, too!  The plan was that Cody would lead Alexus to the picnic spot and drop to one knee when the moment was right!


It was really high tide that day which made our beach smaller than usual.  But it made for some amazing, dynamic pictures later in the session.  Cody led Alexus to the beach about 45 minutes before sundown.  And they “stumbled” upon their little romantic picnic setup.  As soon as they got to the picnic blanket, Cody decided this was the perfect time to ask her to marry him!  She had a really great reaction, which we love, of course.  As soon as he stood back up, a huge wave came in and they hugged it out while they got a little soaked in the surf.


She was super surprised when he told her that Chantelle, our associate photographer, was there taking photos of the whole thing!  We got treated to an amazing sunset that night.  We gave them some room to enjoy their picnic, and we got some beautiful romantic shots of the newly engaged couple!

romantic beach picnic blanket with LOVE pillows champagne and photos sweethearts walking hand in hand down a beach, greenery and trees in the foregroung couple stumbling upon a picnic set up to surprise her with a proposal couple holding hands walking towards water man asking for her hand in marriage, down on one knee, Maui man down on one knee proposing on Maui beach Landscape of Maui greens, beach, and ocean, with newly engaged couple hugging in shock of engagement! couple looking at the engagement ring she just got on her finger sweethearts hugging on the beach with huge waves coming in woman so happy to have been proposed to jumping into her fiances arms couple hugging in the waves just after proposal Woman shocked with her hands up at her face after fiance told her he booked a photographer for their engagement woman with her head buried in her fiances chest, laughing, on a beautiful Maui beach gorgeous diamond engagement ring, round stone, band with twisted diamonds Maui waters rolling in and newly engaged woman beaming footprints in the sand and water sweetheart shots on beach, he's dipping her into a kiss couple gazing into each others eyes, her hands on his face woman sneaking up on fiance and kissing him on his cheek sweethearts kissing while standing in the surf lovers kissing in the sunset on Maui's beach with big rocks surrounding thtem newly engaged couple standing at the waters edge, holding hands and facing each other man pouring champagne for his new fiance, sitting on beach sweethearts gazing at each other sitting on picnic blanket, toasting champagne newly engaged couple sitting on beach blanket watching the waves come in couple kissing, standing in the water at sunset huge wave rolling in , couple sitting on beach blanket watching

Cody and Alexus:  Congratulations on your lovely, romantic beach picnic proposal!  You two exuded love!

Photos by Chantelle | Picnic Proposal Package



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