North Shore Beach Proposal with Mountain View

Matthew and Raven were staying on Oahu. Upon researching proposal ideas, Matthew planned a day trip to Maui. We were so thrilled help him plan a romantic proposal! Since the trip was just for one day, we needed a location nearby the airport. Luckily, we have a few great options that are both beautiful and convenient. He ultimately chose this north shore beach proposal with mountain view. The nice thing about this beach is that it’s pretty off-the-beaten path, which makes it feel more private. It was perfect for Raven because Matthew knows she doesn’t like to be in the spotlight or in crowds.


Matthew added on a message in a bottle for his proposal. This is great for guys who are better writers than speakers or are afraid they might forget to say everything they want to. It also adds a memorable keepsake to the proposal and takes the guesswork out of where you need to go. Although we do send you a detailed itinerary and instructions on where to get down on one knee, when you have the message in a bottle, we place it where we want you to be. All you have to do is find the bottle!


Matthew and Raven found the bottle as planned. We loved the look the excitement and anticipation on Raven’s face as she read the message and then Matthew got down on his knee! They video called family to share the good news afterwards and then our photographer came out of hiding.


Matthew initially couldn’t decide between catching an early flight back to Oahu to watch a fireworks show or staying on Maui to catch the sunset. We are so glad he chose to stay for sunset because it was a gorgeous one! Then they celebrated with an awesome dinner at Mama’s Fish House.

Matthew and Raven: Congratulations on your gorgeous north shore beach proposal! Thank you for making a special trip out to Maui! We hope you’re able to visit again and spend more time here.

Photos by Associate Chantelle | Perfect Proposal Package

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