Personalized South Maui Beach Proposal | Dan + Camille

Personalized South Maui Beach Proposal

Dan had all the main ideas in place for his personalized South Maui beach proposal to his high school sweetheart Camille.  He knew he wanted to propose on Camille’s favorite beach, involve her love of Disney, and have her family there as a bonus surprise.  He just needed our help to pull it off and, of course, capture the big moment!


Camille and her family are frequent Maui visitors and they have a special beach that has become their go-to spot.  This made it a little easier to get Camille down to the beach.  To make the proposal even more memorable, Dan added a couple extra surprises.  First, he sent us a Stitch-themed box filled with pictures and keepsakes for Camille to find on the beach before the proposal.  Second, he wanted Camille’s family to watch him pop the question.


Family surprises are always fun, but have to be planned at the right location so there is a good place for family to hide without being spotted.  Luckily, Camille’s favorite beach has a beach path where our photographer Chantelle and Camille’s family could watch.  Camille found the Stitch box and then it was Dan’s time to shine.  He did a great job of facing Camille so everyone could see her reaction.


Dan had originally wanted to point out the photographer and the family surprise at the same time.  However, we convinced him to delay the family surprise for a bit.  We wanted Camille to have a little time to soak in the fact that she just got engaged to the love of her life.  We also wanted to give Chantelle a chance to get in a better position for close up reaction shots, especially since Camille had no idea her parents were going to be there!

Chantelle walked down to greet our couple and start their engagement session.  She asked them to face the ocean to start.  This was the family’s cue to get into place for the surprise.  When Camille turned around, boy was she surprised!  You could feel all the love and joy!  We were able to snap some lovely family photos.  Then Dan and Camille had their time for fun, romantic shots.  The timing was a little earlier than sunset to accommodate dinner reservations and flight times, but the lighting was still beautiful!  We loved seeing everything come together for this sweet couple!

Dan and Camille: Thank you so much for trusting Engaged on Maui to plan and photograph your personalized South Maui proposal!  Congratulations on your engagement!

Photographed by Associate Chantelle | Simple Proposal Package

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