Secret Waterfall Proposal in Maui (Road to Hana)

When Rochard contacted me a few months back and wanted to take propose to his sweetie under a secret waterfall in Maui, I couldn’t have been more excited. I love adventurous couples and going to new places to help couples start a new chapter in their lives. A story that began in the city was about to start a new chapter on a desolate beach on the beautiful island of Maui. This secret waterfall proposal in Maui has me aching to do another!


We had a plan B set in place in case of rain, but we were both crossing our fingers it wouldn’t come to that. The days leading up to the proposal were a touch rainy but I kept the faith and we just waited it out. The day-of was perfect. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds – we seriously couldn’t have asked for a better day!

This is what Rochard had to say about Han:

“We met when we both worked for Nike in Dallas (where we live). She use to make me carry all her have boxes. I asked for her number before leaving out of town. Me being a man, I didn’t call right away. She immediately got on my case and we have been together ever since. I knew I loved her because she makes me want to be a better man, a better dad, and take more chances in my life. I have a son from a pervious relationship and she loves him like her own. She challenges me everyday and I honestly don’t want to be without her.”


I sneakily followed Han and Rochard through the jungle to the waterfall. The water level was up so we ended up having to ford the river! I’d be lying if I said I only fell once…I have the cuts to prove it! But it was worth it. When we reached the waterfall I got into place and Rochard dropped to one knee. They had the place to themselves and the waterfall was perfect.


We did a small engagement session among the rainbow Eucalyptus and in the bamboo. Han is a city girl at heart – and we joked that she must really love Rochard if she was willing to brave the river, the muddy path, and the jungle to go with her sweetie to this special place!

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0001

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0002

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0003

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0004

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0005

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0006

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0007

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0008

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0009

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0010

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0011

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0012

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0013

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0014

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0015

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0016

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0017

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0018

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0019

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0020

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0021

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0022

Maui Waterfall Proposal_0023

Rochard and Han: thank you for choosing me to photograph your waterfall proposal in Maui! You guys are amazing and I hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip and ate plenty of that poke!

Photos by Angie | Waterfall Proposal Package

Proposals like this make my heart sing.

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