Amazing Sunrise Proposal on Haleakala

The morning was rainy and the chances of an epic sunrise were slim, but one way or another it was going to happen. Matt was going to ask Lisa to marry him. Lucky for him, just before sunrise the clouds began to part and vibrant oranges and reds filled the sky! This amazing sunrise proposal on Haleakala is one for the books!

The Plan:

After 14 years of friendship and then dating, Matt was ready to propose to Lisa. He said

“We meet 14 years ago randomly through AOL Chat. I knew she was the one the day I met her. She is the sweetest most caring human being I have ever met. I am lucky to have her in my life. She is my soulmate and my best friend. She has helped me through very tough times and she has never left my side.”

Like most other Haleakala proposals, we wanted to ensure that Matt would propose to Lisa in the most private place possible. Of course, we are sure to stay on the paths, but it can be a difficult feat in a public place. However, we found a little piece of mountain for Matt and Lisa to call their own and watch the sun rise!

The Proposal:

As the sun peeked over the clouds, Matt turned to Lisa, got down on one knee, and proposed! Behind me there were a few other couples who knew what was going to happen (and thankfully said they would stay back until the proposal was over)–they burst into applause after it was all said and done!

The Engagement Session:

We made our way back down the mountain stopping at some of my favorite destinations along the way! We get such amazing variety on Haleakala. –everything from lava rock to the crater to golden light and pine trees!

Haleakala sunrise

silhouette of a couple on a mountain at sunrise

Amazing maui sunrise proposal pictures - Engaged on Maui_0003

Amazing maui sunrise proposal pictures - Engaged on Maui_0004

Haleakala sunrise on maui

sunrise proposal on top of Haleakala

man proposing on top of a mountain

Amazing maui sunrise proposal pictures - Engaged on Maui_0008

Maui engagement photographer

maui engagement photographer

solitary engagement ring

Amazing maui sunrise proposal pictures - Engaged on Maui_0012

Amazing maui sunrise proposal pictures - Engaged on Maui_0013

creative engagement ring shot

reflection of couple in a puddle

couple in Haleakala National Park

Couple walking along ridge in Haleakala National Park

Couple in Pine trees in maui

Amazing maui sunrise proposal pictures - Engaged on Maui_0019

Hosmer's Grove at Haleakala national Park

Amazing maui sunrise proposal pictures - Engaged on Maui_0021

engaged on haleakala

Lisa and Matt–thank you for including me in your AMAZING sunrise proposal on top of Haleakala! How lucky are we that the rain cleared?! It was definitely one to remember!

Photos by Angie | Haleakala Proposal Package

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  1. Hey I am planning on proposing to my girlfriend during sunrise on Haleakala in two weeks. I was wondering if you would be willing to share the location of where he proposed. In reading reviews regarding Haleakala everyone says some areas are very crowded which I would like to avoid. It appears that the location they/you chose to pop the question was not crowded and also has a stunning backdrop. Any information you have a prime locations that are not extremely crowded but also have the stunning view would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hi Christopher! Please feel free to shoot me a private message on my contact page!

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